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Die CSU hat seit heute einen Bot

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I carry this water bottle around on purpose because I know the kids will ask me why I have a pink one. This is how every convo has gone:

Kids: Mr.C Why do you have a pink water bottle?

Me: Because I like pink, why?

Kids: Pink is for girls

Me: Why?

Kids: ummmmmmm

Me: Do you know why it’s for girls?

Kids: No it just is

That’s when I go into a brief lesson about how pink is JUST a color (I am the art teacher so they think I am the authority on colors) for everyone.

As a teacher I am trying my hardest to re-educate these kids in the most non threatening way possible. It will take them a minute to understand that pink isn’t a “girl color”, but a color we can all love

I love you for this

erasing gender essentialism is MEGA IMPORTANT!

“I am the art teacher so they think I am the authority on colors”

Hello yes the color authorities are here we would like you to please stop gendering colors

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Executioner sword with inscription:  Inscription: When I raise this sword, so I wish that this poor sinner will receive eternal life.

Germany, 1600s

god that inscription is the tightest paladin shit, lawful best

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Unterwegs in Berlin

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oh god it perfectly timed

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